Personal Counseling Center Services

The Personal Counseling Center provides students with individual counseling for a range of personal, developmental, and psychological issues, including: depression, self-esteem, homesickness, changing values, anxiety, substance abuse, establishing an adult identity with family and peers, eating disorders, sexuality, family difficulties and pressures, crisis intervention, victimization, thoughts of suicide, life crises, and critical life decisions. With respect to academics, the Personal Counseling Center assists students in exploring problematic concerns such as memory, concentration, perfectionism, procrastination, and conflict resolution. Counseling can help to provide students with the skills to become more successful and competent in dealing with test anxiety, stress management, and communication with faculty.

Everything you say during an appointment at the counseling center is confidential, we won’t share information with anyone without your permission. No one can access your information except the counseling center staff. The only exceptions are situations where we are required by law or a life threatening situation exists.

Services Offered

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At The Personal Counseling Center, we seek to foster an environment that affirms diversity, by promoting awareness, safety, and respect for the God given dignity of all. Please use the links below to learn more about our services for men, for LBGTQ+ students, for international students, and for first generation students. These are downloadable brochures.  We encourage you to print and distribute as needed.