About Us

Mission Statement

The Personal Counseling Center supports the mission of the Providence College Community by contributing to the personal development of undergraduate students. The professional counseling staff provides a program of high quality individual and group counseling services, developmental and preventative programming, as well as, supportive and consultative services for the faculty and administration.

The Personal Counseling Center contributes to the college’s effort to maintain a safe and academically conducive environment by providing crisis management services for students and emergency consultation to the college administration, faculty, and staff. All of the professional functions of the Personal Counseling Center enhance the potential success of students in the academic and social environment of the College as well as in the personal and developmental aspects of their lives.

Mission of Diversity

The Personal Counseling Center supports the College’s commitment to diversity as a Catholic and Dominican institution as “a key component of our collective pursuit of truth, promoting rigorous exploration of diverse ideas and theories, critical engagement with the world, cross-cultural understanding, innovation in problem-solving, and collaboration across differences within and beyond the classroom.” It also supports the College’s commitment to “cultivating policies, practices, and structures that assure an equitable and hospitable community for all students, staff, and faculty.”

At The Personal Counseling Center, we seek to foster an environment that affirms diversity, by promoting awareness, safety, and respect for the God given dignity of all.

Commitment to Anti-Racism:

We acknowledge the history of racism and the depths of suffering endured by many generations.  Our commitment is be fully present through mindful listening, acknowledging, accepting, validating, and taking purposeful action to support, speak out and contribute to healing. 

We take responsibility for addressing racism as it manifests within our individual, interpersonal, professional and institutional realms.  We are committed as a group to maintain a practice of reflection and appraisal of our intersectionality and to use that awareness to deepen and strengthen our work with the individuals we are privileged to meet in this life toward equity, healing and peace.